If you want to deal with downloading files, better read this before start coding 🙌

My own downloader, will be live soon 🔥the icons are fake for now 😀

I was developing an Electron application a while ago and one of the challenges was downloading files and did some researches about it and saw that the Electron download API wasn’t the only option and it was tricky to use. 🤔

If your project is growing fast and the future…

In this article I’ll show you how much enjoyable is working with forms by building a super flexible library.


It’s been years which I worked with complicated forms, I used cool…

Very simple hook to render images smoothly.

In this article I’m going to create very simple Hook to render images smoothly on the screen (Not really rendering but sort of trick).

  1. Create a file “useImage.js” and wrap it with “Hooks” directory with these contents:

This is very basic hook you can add your own stuff, it depends on your needs, like handling errors or whatever which is related to image.

2. Let’s add some styles to handle the transitions:

This article is about switching to Vue.js with Context mindset.

I think these days every developer have heard about the context in React.js, So I’ll straightly go over the code and the solution. If you’re not familiar with Reacts context click on the link.

Provide And Inject

Babel’s loose mode transpiles ES6 code to ES5 code that is less faithful to ES6 semantics. This blog post explains how that works and what the pros and cons are (spoiler: normally not recommended).

Starting point for this series of posts on Babel 6:Configuring Babel 6” [explains the basics…

Recently in Round Table Apps, They assigned a project to me in last days, It was a google extension app and what it should do was track all users in more than 100 websites! …

I worked with many applications that built with reactjs that in one of them i needed to know the internet is connect or not. I researched and i decided to write a library for react and redux. This is my 5th open-source library:


npm install react-redux-internet-connection


yarn add…

Alireza Valizadeh

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